16801 N 90th St 103 Scottsdale,AZ 85260 
16801 N 90th St 103
ScottsdaleAZ 85260
 (602) 527-2274
HempXpressWe provide the finest CBD oils, Salves, and Vapes.
Medical card not required!
(602) 527-2274
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Hemp Products in Scottsdale, AZ

Welcome to hempXpress, we carry the finest Hemp based products in the world. 
At our Hemp shop, our goal is to help educate the consumer on the benefits of CBD and we are able to answer any questions that you may have. The driving concept behind our business model is the healthy not the high. The power of the Hemp plant is rooted deep in history. Hemp has been utilized for thousands of years.  Find out why it was taken from us.  Learn the difference between Hemp and Marijuana, and why its so important that we bring it back. 
See why our triple lab tested, top of the line pharmaceutical grade, CBD rich Hemp oils are second to none. The Salve is a "gateway product" to our skincare line that will have you glowing. Essential oils have you flowing, and the chews will keep you going. How many of the 50,000 uses for the Hemp plant, can benefit you and your family?
  • We are not a dispensary!
  • No medical card needed! 
  • We have true 100% THC FREE CBD products for those who are subject to testing. 
  • We are federally legal in ALL 50 states! 
  • First CBD company launching into Europe! 
  • First publicly traded cannabis company
Have any questions about how CBD can benefit you? Then stop by our shop, call us at (602) 527-2274 or fill out the form below today!
*Not meant to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. We are a supplement. GET EDUCATED! Jump on the hempXpress! 
We are located at 16801 N 90th St, Ste 103, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.

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